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About LEAD Public Schools

LEAD Public Schools is a network of six public charter schools in Nashville, Tennessee that operates both "fresh start" schools and "zoned-enrollment" turnaround schools. From 5th through 12th grades, our schools serve predominately minority and low-income populations who are likely to be first-generation college attendees. We are the largest charter school provider in one of the nation's most vibrant cities. 

Founded in 2007 as LEAD Academy, a start-up charter middle school, LEAD Public Schools have grown significantly over the last 10 years. LEAD Academy, Brick Church, Cameron, LEAD Southeast Middle, LEAD Southeast High, and Neely's Bend comprise a network of over 2,000 students in grades 5-12. Three of our schools are turnaround schools, meaning we work in partnership with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) and  the Achievement School District (ASD) to educate, train and support students in neighborhood-zoned schools that were among the lowest performing schools in the state of Tennessee prior to LEAD's involvement.

One hundred percent of the seniors in our first five high school graduating classes, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 earned college acceptance and four of our schools have been named Reward Schools for growth (meaning scoring in the top 5 percent statewide) in the last three years.  The work we do is hard, but the work we do is vital. All children in all Nashville neighborhood schools deserve the quality educational opportunities we provide.

Our LEAD Family subscribes to the principles of five ETHOS:

  • LEAD because I am Committed
  • LEAD because I am Courageous
  • LEAD because I am Disciplined
  • LEAD because I am Self-Reliant
  • LEAD because I Serve Others
  • I LEAD because that is WHO I AM.

Here are some great looks into the work LEAD Public Schools does:

Our Network of Schools

LEAD Academy High School

Serving 9th through 12th grade 
1034 First Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210

Brick Church

Serving 5th through 8th 
2835 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, TN 37207 


Serving 5th through 8th 
1034 First Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210

LEAD Southeast Middle

Serving 5th through 8th 
531 Metroplex Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

LEAD Southeast High

Serving 9th-10th Grades and adding 11th (2019-20)
531 Metroplex Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

Neely's Bend

Serving 5th through 8th
1251 Neelys Bend Road
Madison, TN 37115

LEAD Culture

LEAD Culture is driven by the LEAD Ethos and is supported daily through our Crew advisory period during which students are paired with an adult and provided a venue to further develop social and emotional skills.


100% College Acceptance for Our Three Graduating Classes

The first three senior classes of LEAD Academy High School earned 100 percent college acceptance. The following is a partial list of the colleges and universities our student alumni are attending:
  • Alabama A&M
  • Fisk University
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • Morehouse College
  • Purdue University
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Tennessee State University
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Tennessee- Knoxville
  • Western Kentucky University

Student Demographics

Number of Students (Grades 5th through 12th): 2,355

Bus Ridership: 84%

English Language Learners: 24%

23 Foreign Languages Represented

African American: 40%

Hispanic/Latino: 42%

White: 17%

Asian: 2%