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If you are a family living in any of our zoned school neighborhoods (Brick Church, Cameron or Neely's Bend), you can enroll your child at anytime during the school year. For information specific to our schools and their zones, please contact the following Family Engagement Coordinators:

Jake Smith, Brick Church:

Britta Cherry, Cameron:

Jeremy Quinonez, Neely's Bend:

Feeder schools for our college prep middle schools are as follows:

  • Brick Church (Whites Creek area of Nashville): Alex Green
  • Cameron (South Nashville): Fall-Hamilton, Glenview and Whitsitt
  • Neely's Bend (Madison community): Amqui and Neely's Bend Elementary School

Additionally, LEAD Public Schools, consistent with MNPS, participates in the Optional Schools Program every November for LEAD Academy High School and LEAD Southeast. For more information, please see below.