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Our selection process helps us determine if you’re the right fit for LEAD Public Schools and helps you determine if LEAD Public Schools is the right fit for you. As a candidate, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Application Review

We review your resume and cover letter thoroughly to determine whether your qualifications are a strong match. As we get hundreds of applications annually for all of our positions, we do not have the capacity to reach out to each candidate that applies, and we are unable to accept phone calls regarding application status.  We will contact you only if you are invited to advance in the selection process.

Step 2: Phone Interview

If you are invited to advance in the selection process, you will likely be asked to complete a phone interview. This helps us get to know you better by finding out about your interests and experience as well as allowing you to learn about what we are looking for in candidates.  

Step 3: Interviews and Demonstration Lesson

If you are invited to move forward after completing the phone interview, you can expect to participate in an in person interview.  Local candidates will be asked to visit the school site and teach a demonstration lesson and interview with members of the school team.  Out-of-town candidates will be asked to submit a recorded lesson of their teaching and interview with various members of the school based leadership team.

Step 4: References

Before extending an offer, LEAD Public Schools will request and contact professional references.

These steps represent a typical process, but your experience may vary. Our hiring team thoughtfully designs each hiring process to be as efficient as possible given the specific circumstances of the vacancy.

To apply, please fill out an online application at