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Our LEAD Ethos are a fundamental piece of a LEAD education. These character traits are emphasized and shared across the LEAD network and our five schools by teachers and students alike. The Ethos, listed and described below, are an ongoing expectation for all LEAD family members to embrace and exhibit. As adults, we believe that by following our core values and we will build these traits in our students.

I LEAD because I am COMMITTED. I persevere and never give up and I come to my school and my community with 100 percent dedication for learning and to each other.

I LEAD because I am COURAGEOUS. I stand up for what’s right and do the right thing. I believe in myself and my abilities and I show great determination to trust myself do what is right both at school and at home.

I LEAD because I am DISCIPLINED. I work to improve over time through intentional decisions around completing work, changing behaviors, and raising grades. I understand the mission of my school and our community and I work hard every day to put my best self forward.

I LEAD because I am SELF-RELIANT. I take charge of and responsibility for my own life and my own choices both in school and at home. I have confidence in my abilities to do the right in all situations.

I LEAD because I SERVE OTHERS. I work together with my class- and schoolmates. I listen to and understand what they are asking and I approach each day with an understanding of the importance of being an active and positive member of my school community.